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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Does it matter?

Hello fellow loser, or random lurker, whichever the case may be.

I am Adrian, the newest member of this rag-tag bunch of weirdos who
care far to much about animated stories and violence, and I'm willing
to share what I think about the things I like, and willing to subject
you to hearing about the things I dislike. I have read my fair share
of game reviews, but I've never made it a habit. In fact, I have never
really given a damn what game reviews have had to say about any of the
titles I have researched. Mostly, the few game/system reviews I have
read, I simply scanned through to learn interesting things about the
titles and or systems and sometimes just looked them up to Ooh and
Aah at the pretty pictures. I skip the parts where they give specs,
and I definitely ignore the parts where they give out their useless
scores. From time to time I have glanced over their personal thoughts
about the title/system, but mostly I ignored that too. For their
thoughts are not my own, and I care not for their mere existence, let
alone what they have to say about something! On that note, I will stop
going on and on about other peoples reviews, and we will discuss my
own upcoming additions to this almost-positively pointless waste of
time and effort. What I will spew forth into this endless stream of
0's and 1's will be my feelings and interpretations of various
upcoming, and recently released game titles, systems, and other
various bits of tech. If you should choose to read them, that's fine
and dandy. If you do not read them, and they are just another addition
to the afore mentioned endless stream of data, and I'm fine with that
as well. If they make you want to go out and spend your (or your
parent's) hard earned cash on these things, good for you, and good for
the designers, the artists, and production assistants, the coders, all
of their families and so on, and so on, ex cetera. If they make you
want to spit, just reading them, be careful where you do it, or you
might get some sort of fine. Either way, they will be here. Please
feel free to subject yourself further to anything I may post about. I
believe the first thing I shall talk about will be... The Xbox 360.

Until then,


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